BSNY Titans

For beginner / intermediate players looking for a comprehensive experience focused on teaching the right way to play the game. Friend requests are taken for TITANS teams. Focus is always placed on individual and team improvement. All Titans players should be participating in at least 33% – 40% of each game in season. Energy, Effort and Development are the three essential characteristics of Titans players per our training process to our coaches.

BSNY Metro

For higher level intermediate and advanced players, experienced with the game and looking for intense training, practices and game participation. All Metro players are held to higher standard regarding practice attendance, intensity and desire to improve. Metro players are not guaranteed any playing time, however, we expect all players to play in at least 1/3 of the game.

What to expect for both Titans and Metro:

  • Evaluation night: late Sept/early Oct to place players on teams that are the best match for their skill levels
  • Head coaches: All BSNY staff are experienced in teaching the game to players of all levels and have far more experience playing than any other organization
  • One team practice per week: 90 mins Friday nights (UES/UWS gyms, specific gyms and times dependent on specific team placement) these practices are geared towards game planning and team development! Some Metro teams that request will be granted a 2nd team practice.
  • One skill practice per week: 1 hour weekday intensive individual skill training!
  • Weekend game in 55 Swish League against other NYC travel basketball programs: Saturdays or Sundays-mostly Sundays at Basketball City (Downtown-Exit 3 off FDR-amazing one a kind seven court facility). 10 Game minimum regular season + playoffs
  • Team uniforms: matching jersey and shorts along with team apparel item(s)-changes each season

Difference between Titans and Metro?

  • At the younger age groups (8U-10U) the difference is purely administrative, after 10U our Metro teams tend to be composed of the players that continue with us into the spring to play basketball and have selected basketball as their primary sport . Titans teams are mainly made up of players that are not interested in playing in a competitive program in the Spring.
  • This is not a set in stone rule, but rather rough guideline to help you understand the two programs-we have plenty of players who play Metro in the fall and winter and don’t continue in the spring as well as players who start with our Titans teams in fall/winter and move on to play Metro come spring time or our Hoop Academy league in the Spring!

Still unsure which program is the best fit for your child?
Not to worry, Call us in the office at (646) 692-3273 and Coach Brown will be able to assist you and ultimately – we will have an evaluation night for all new players regardless.

Click the link below to register; price is the same for Metro and Titans. Registering places you in “BSNY Travel Team Player Pool” and we will separate players into teams after evaluations are complete

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