Program Overview

The season will run from early April through early June. Players will practice with their teams once per week and play in weekend tournaments.

Team practices will kick off April 1. Tournaments will begin in mid to late April. Tournaments are weekend obligations and almost all are outside of New York City. Please be prepared to travel into Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or other locations.

AAU basketball is a significant commitment for our most dedicated basketball players that are looking for intense coaching and competition. Players that fit this program should be willing to accept coaching and be prepared for playing time determined at the coach’s discretions. Families should be prepared for weekend travel, weeknight practices and week-of schedule releases from Tournament Directors. We are more than happy to recommend a more fitting program for your child, if AAU is not the right one.

What is Metro United?

Metro United is a partnered program between Fastbreak Sports, BSNY and Downtown Wolves with the aim of providing our most driven athletes the coaching and competition they crave. Each team will require the highest level of commitment as the team will practice twice per week with their coach and play in the most competitive tournaments. Spots are extremely limited and invite only, determined through a rigorous recommendation process based on previous play.

Teams will be coached by Max Sass (former DIII head coach) and Jason Posser (15 years as a D1 and DII assistant coach). Kyle Bohan (PSA Cardinals / professional trainer) will serve as Director of Player Development, while Josh Watkins (University of Utah – All Mountain West) will be the program’s Director of Player Personnel.




Age Groups

High School Teams – Our high school teams are created to provide our oldest athletes with the support and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Our coaches, who have coached or played at college or professional levels, build each practice, workout and game plan around the mission of preparing our players for beyond high school. Whether that’s playing basketball at the collegiate level or just being successful as a person, our AAU program builds towards that goal. Our program directors and coaches lend their expertise in the college selection and recruiting process for players interested in pursuing that dream. Some high school teams will be run in partnership with Basketball Stars of New York.

Middle School Teams – Our middle school coaches focus on player development and team concept development, with an overarching goal of preparing our players for high school basketball. These teams see significant improvement over the course of the season, as we play high level competition and build cohesiveness among groups and maximize each player’s ability as they approach the high school years. Older teams will not accept friend requests and younger teams will only accommodate limited friend requests.


Teams in following Divisions: 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u

Cutoff for age divisions: June 1st birthdays. Example: If you turn 11 years old before June 1, you are no longer eligible for 10U age group

Deposit: $1995 per player (include reversible uniform)

Please reach out to Max (max@Fastbreakkids.com) or Jason (coachjay@basketballstars.com) by email or call 212-724-3278 with any special requests, needs or questions.